Senior Designer
eBay, Campbell, CA

Experience Designer
Team One, Los Angeles, CA

Marketing Communications Specialist
Noritz America, Fountain Valley, CA

Art Director
Green Planet Production, Los Angeles, CA


Golden Gate University, San Francisco
Integrated Marketing Communications

The Art Institute of California, Orange County
Graphic Design

California State University, Fullerton
Business Administration (Marketing)

About me

My name is Yonius and I’m currently a Senior Designer at eBay. With a background in Marketing & Design, I often wear three hats: UX, Visual Design, and Branding Strategy. I ensure user-centered design, while striving for simplicity in interactive & real-time experience.

I was born in Jakarta, lived in Beijing and now reside in Silicon Valley. I’m inspired by places, cultures, food, music, people & their stories. I’ve been in this design journey since 2006. 

I have a BS in Business, a BA in Graphic Design, and an MS in Marketing Communications. I have held various positions in the past including Digital Designer, Art Director, Marketing Communications Specialist and Director of Interactive Design.

I’m passionate about my family, boba drinks, growth & life in general. Occasionally, you can read my rants about UX, design & random stuff in 140 characters here.


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