Ask now


AskNow is an app concept that inherits data from other location-based applications like FourSquare,  Facebook or Yelp. It allows small businesses to gather quick, real-time insights and create social engagement with their customers.


Tell a compelling story to get potential investors to be interested with the app concept. Provide documentations and a presentation that sums up AskNow app functionalities and market feasibilities. 

my role

I did field research, competitive analysis, persona building, card sorting, taxonomy, app mapping, features value matrix, wireframes and prototyping. All the process is put together in one comprehensive document. 

competitive analysis

I did an initial competitive analysis by breaking them down to direct and indirect competitors. I then analyze each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. I also determined market’s opportunities and potential threats. Through these findings, I determined the features value matrix for the app. 


With strategic thinking, I broke down the personas for this app to two different segments: the regular users/consumers and the business owners/clients. Each of them have two very different goals through this app. 

card sorting

As I determined the key features of this app, I did the card-sorting exercise to determine functionalities. This helped me in determining the content for each pages, which will then help me to design the experiences for each page. 

app map

After determining the contents, it was natural to come up with the app map to help structuring the contents. 


The process of doing initial research, competitive analysis, card-sorting exercises, content, journey and app-mapping was very useful and helpful for me to do the wireframes for this product. With the very nuanced and variety of project challenges, I try to honor this process that has given me the benefit to produce good quality wires and experience designs. 

Other Work