Ideal Me is a social networking platform that encourages its users to meet specific goal designed by themselves. Users can set their own personal benchmark, and relying on their social circle/community to give them encouragement to reach those goals.

The program is designed on a timeline basis to give users a daily action-oriented task. Each task is measured to show progress of the users. 


Communicate the three key aspects of the platform to the users: provider of high-quality contents that are trustworthy, build a strong base of community support based on users topic interests, and design an action-oriented program that is easy to track and to manage. 

my role

I audited existing content across ecosystem, researched on competitive and social studies on community-based behaviors in encouragement in social network online platform.

Then I developed wireframes and did visual design comps for their prototyping phase. I also did some content strategy for the supplemental contents to support the initial community page to give users more insights and knowledge based on their topic interests. 

initial content mapping

We identified four main components of contents for the initial launch of Fitness, Dance, Food and Music. This was based on the guerilla research study of activities that the initial target markets are mostly interested in. The content diagram is to represent how the content from each category is being distributed for the initial launch on the first year. 

interaction flow

After determining the content categories, I worked really closely with the founder of the app to determine the basic features to build out the MVP of both the app and the site. I then sketched out the wires for both the site and the app.

The idea behind the paper sketches was to have one-on-one correlation between the site and the app. We want to it be clear to the users that the same features and content are navigable very similarly. 

wire frames

Once the sketches were done. I designed the skins for both the site and the app. The two main screens I did were the key features of to show a quick prototype for the founder to pitch to investors. 

Other Work