lexus drivers


Lexus is due for a redesign of its Lexus Drivers website and app. With a new creative concept, user interface, design layout and function to address their current and future business needs, Lexus realizes that there is a huge opportunity to communicate to the drivers in more timely, personal and relevant matters.


Make the drivers site the primary go-to resources for owners by providing useful content and functionality. The drivers site should also contribute to revenue generation and future product awareness. The site should also be easily maintained by business. Moreover, the site will promote the value of the Lexus dealers to the future dealer-guests relationships. 

my role

I am the UX lead on this project from pitching, all the way to execution.

I managed all UX process. I audited existing contents across ecosystem, researched on competitive websites and performed stakeholder interviews. I also worked with strategy and put together a discovery presentation for the clients.  

During the vision phase, I prototyped some interactions and established user flows & interaction flows. I also led the UX production process while refining project flow and supporting creative and QA.

responsive site

Part of the challenge of redesigning Lexus Drivers site is to inform guests that there are a lot of luxury perks for being a part of Lexus family. Some of the benefits include a lot of luxury experience like hotels, restaurants, wineries and luxury events all across the U.S. Recognizing this amenities, the site experience ensures great digital experience across devices (web, tablet and mobile). 

stakeholders interview

One of the first steps we had to do is conduct in-depth stakeholders interviews with multiple departments within Lexus. We had to come up with some general questions for Drivers as well as department-specific questions. The objective is to understand each department’s business needs, while keeping the end-users needs in mind. 

Discovery phase

Aside from the stakeholders interview with about 12 different department within Lexus, we also did a survey with Lexus Advisory Board, a number of existing customers who own Lexus vehicles. We then synthesize the findings and build Discovery presentation to the client.  

working sessions

After discovery and vision presentations to the client, we then started to wire out the experience for each section of the Drivers site. I did numerous working sessions with the team to determine some pattern flows. The main objective is to define consistency and logic, while creating pleasant experiences when guests visit the newly designed Drivers site. 

pattern flow

After several working sessions with the team, I documented several pattern flows to be shared internally and to our development partner. The documents shown are profile completion flow, auto registration flow, and breadcrumb placements. These documents are created to establish logic for each micro-experience. 


The above shown is a sample of a deliverable to both the client and our development partner. The wires are responsive for the site (desktop, tablet and mobile). We also did app wires for mobile portrait, tablet portrait and tablet landscape.  

Other Work